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OSRAM LED installation at the Siemens headquarters in Munich turns public viewing into an impressive event

Watching football together – an absolute must for real fans. At the Wittelsbacher Platz, which is overlooked by the facade of Siemens’ headquarters and located at the heart of Munich, LEDs by OSRAM are making their contribution toward ensuring that the public viewing will be a very special event: the light diodes, which have been placed in the windows, adapt to the game and, by means of various lighting effects, emphasize what is happening on the pitch.

The temporarily set up lighting installation along the facade of Siemens’ headquarters ensure a sophisticated background lighting of the World Cup games that are shown on the big screen at the Wittelsbacher Platz. The installation was realized with LED technology and lighting control provided by OSRAM and Traxon as well as e:cue. 40 High Power Linear RGB LEDluminaires, coming from the OSRAM joint venture Traxon, create impressive lighting effects in 36 facade windows and, depending on what is happening on the pitch, the LED luminaires will light up in a wave-form or a colourful firework, in the event that a goal is scored. Additionally, they can also blink dynamically in a variety of colours and during halftime they simulate a more relaxed and calming atmosphere by means of slower lighting movements that are displayed in softer, more subdued colours.

Owing to the curtains in the windows, which are lit up with the bright LED luminaires that have been positioned on the windowsills on the inside, an intensive feeling of depth is created.

By means of an intelligent DMX control, which is provided by e:cue, a Traxon subsidiary, every single luminaire can shine in a different colour and endless lighting effects can thus be created. Via a glass touch panel, the various lighting scenes are controlled in a user-friendly manner and without time lag.

The facade itself is illuminated by OSRAM HTI 2500W DEL metal halide lamps, which – ideal for architecture lighting – are characterized by their high luminance and a long operating life. Additional colour changers allow for variations in facade-lighting, so as to adapt to the desired atmosphere. Subtle colours or really expressive lights additionally highlight the LED effects.

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